Alien Abduction Video: Travis Walton Alien Abduction

On November 5, 1975, Travis Walton was put on the path to becoming one of the most famous alien abductees ever. Travis Walton and his alien abduction story became so famous that there was even a feature film called "Fire In The Sky" made about it.

On that day, November 5, 1975, Travis Walton was working in Arizona as part of a logging crew. Travis Walton and the rest of the crew were traveling back from the work site in a truck when they spotted a bright light over the hill. As they got close to the light, Travis Walton and the other men saw, what was later described as, a bright silver disc that was hovering in the sky.

Travis Walton admits that he was trying to show off a bit for the rest of the men when he jumped out of the truck and ran towards the craft. The other men yelled for him to come back to the truck but Travis Walton kept going until he was more or less right under the UFO.

The other men reported hearing a loud noise coming from the UFO. Then, as Travis Walton started to walk away from the UFO, the men reported that blueish green ray of light came down from the UFO and hit Travis Walton.

Travis Walton's body went limp and thinking that he had been killed the other men sped off as fast as they could in their truck in fear of their own lives. They went back later to search for Travis Walton but they were unable to find him.

The crew then decide to report the incident to the police and what followed was a large scale hunt for the missing Travis Walton that included dog. The search went on for five days.

Then on November 10, 1975 just before midnight, the brother in law of Travis Walton received a telephone call. The caller weakly said, "This is Travis. I’m at a phone booth at the Heber gas station, and I need help. Come and get me."

The family thought it may have been a hoax call but decided to follow it up anyway. When they got to the location they found Travis Walton passed out in one of the phone booths. When he was revived his reports of alien abduction began and even though he had been missing for over five days he truly thought he had only been gone a few hours.

What follows in this radio interview with Travis Walton is the telling of what happened during his alien encounter told in his own words. It really is worth listening to what he has to say first hand.



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