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Looking for proof aliens exist? Then you have come to the right site because we are dedicated to arming you with all the proof aliens exist that you need to decide for yourself if you believe that aliens exist.

If you are an alien skeptic and don't really believe any of the proof aliens exist that you have seen then perhaps by the time you are done looking at the alien evidence we have collected your mind will be changed. Then you will be join our campaign to provide proof aliens exist.

We understand that because proof aliens exist has been so sought after for so many years that there is going to be alien videos and other alien footage that that is presented as real proof aliens exist that in reality are fakes and parodies.

Even if you believe, like us, that there is real proof aliens exist it doesn't mean that you can't have a sense of humor and laugh at the fake alien videos. It just is a matter of giggling at those fake alien videos and then moving onto the videos and writings that are real proof aliens exist.

So, we have collected both alien videos and footage that we think are real proof aliens exist and some which are clearly people having fun with the concept of alien encounters. It is up to you to decide which is the real proof aliens exist.

Proof Aliens Exist: Alien Abduction Videos

Most of us are left just wondering if there really is proof aliens exist. However, for some people they no longer have to question that aliens exist because they had their own proof aliens exist when they became victims of alien abductions.

Most people that were abducted by aliens are too shy or scared to talk publicly about their alien encounters. Luckily though there are are some alien abductees that have been brave enough to speak out and tell their alien encounter story and share their own proof aliens exist.

These are their stories of alien abduction and UFO encounters.

kelly cahill

Kelly Cahill Alien Abduction Video - The Kelly Cahill alien abduction case is one of the most important cases when it comes to providing proof aliens exist. Kelly Cahill and her family were driving on an Australian road one evening in 1993 when suddenly they saw lights in the sky.

Click here to see her alien abduction video ...


betty and barney hill

Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction Video - The Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case was the first recorded case of alien abduction in the United States. This is truly fascinating proof aliens exist. Betty and Barney both went through hypnosis after the incident where they very graphically recounted what happened to them during the alien abduction. The tapes of this hypnosis have been made public and are chilling.

Click here to see alien abduction videos relating to their case ...


jesse long alien

Jesse Long Alien Abduction Video - Jesse Long was first abducted by aliens as a small boy. Throughout this life he has had had repeat visitations from these aliens. For him these alien encounters are proof aliens exist and that was confirmed for him when he discovered an alien implant in his leg.

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travis walton alien

Travis Walton Alien Abduction Video - The Travis Walton alien abduction case is one of the most famous alien encounter cases. The feature film, Fire In The Sky, was the hollywood telling of his alien abduction but it is far more interesting to hear Travis Walton speak about the proof aliens exist for himself.

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grace askew alien

Grace Askew Alien Encounter Video - Grace Askew had her first alien encounter when she was in a car with her girlfriends. Two weeks later she had another alien visitation and this time it happened at home with her husband and son experiencing the same alien encounter.

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